Friday, 1 May 2015

NFL Draft

NFL Draft Day Jameis Winston Goes to Tampa Bay Buccaneers as No# 1 NFL Draft Pick

Despite Jameis Winston's past controversies off the field, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have selected the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback as the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft.
The Florida State star, who is expected to sign a multimillion-dollar contract with Tampa Bay, was back home in Alabama -- leaving an empty stage at the draft venue in Chicago.
After he was selected, Winston tweeted that he was "so proud to be" a Tampa Bay Buccaneer, adding that it was a "dream come true."
With Winston off the board, the Tennessee Titans made Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota the No. 2 pick.
Before the draft, Winston had told ESPN, "Anyone that wants to take that chance on me ... they're going to be lucky."
The NFL Players Association told ABC News today that Winston could make roughly $24 million for his first four years. On April 17, Nike announced that it had signed Winston.
"The ultimate goal is to win the Super Bowl," said ESPN football analyst Todd McShay. "And he looks like he's capable of winning a Super Bowl."
But Winston had said he'd be at home in Alabama during the draft, surrounded by his family. He posted on Instagram today, thanking his supporters.

Blake Griffin continues to be 'The Guy' for the Clippers against Spurs

Blake Griffin continues to be 'the guy' for Clippers against Spurs

SAN ANTONIO — There was a time not so long ago that the idea of Blake Griffin as the best player on these Los Angeles Clippers was nothing short of laughable.
He was an amazing athlete, a diligent worker and one of the best young big men in the game, to be sure, but anyone who tried to deem him an alpha male in this context must have been suffering from amnesia. Unless Chris Paul had been traded, there wasn't a conversation to be had here.
But on Thursday night at AT&T Center, where the Clippers showed just enough poise and panache to  down the San Antonio Spurs 102-96 and force a Game 7on Saturday in Los Angeles in this sensational first-round series, the case for Griffin as their everything flowed out of his teammates' mouths as if it were a widely known truth.
It wasn't just about the 26-point, 12-rebound, six-assist night, although his latest line had everything to do with the Clippers living to play another day. This was about the continued evolution of a wunderkind, one who picked the perfect time to have the best playoff series of his NBA life and in doing so has only confirmed what they already knew.